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Fearless Earth

Home renovation specialists in Central Portugal

Our Services

We aim to be a One-Stop Shop for all your home renovation needs in central Portugal.

We provide construction and building works services including electrical and plumbing. 

We rent power tools and machines as well as providing landscaping, fencing, painting services and more.


From small remodels to complete refurbishments. Kitchens, bathrooms, building and plumbing.


Electric Problems? Our electricians can help you with all your household electrical needs.


We have the equipment to handle most landscaping, ground clearance and garden work including firebreaks.

Tool Hire

We have power tools, construction equipment, forestry and earth moving machines available to rent.


Need to erect a new fence? We can help with your fencing and gate requirements.


Protect your cars, boats, motorbikes and ATVs from sun and rain damage with a custom built carport.


Is your house in need of a fresh coat of paint? We offer exterior house painting services.


We are REALLY into bees. We sell beehives and offer apiculture / beekeeping training.


Located in Vilas de Pedro, we offer our services to the following general areas. 

Don’t worry if your village didn’t make the list, if you’re within reasonable range then get in touch and we will try to make a plan.

Why choose us?

We are a family-run business

Based in Campelo in the northern Leiria District of central Portugal, we are small and responsive enough to go the extra mile to make sure that you have the right equipment and support to make your project a success.

As an Expat, finding reliable builders, electricians, plumbers and other tradespeople can be a nightmare, especially if your language skills are not great.

As english speaking expats, we can help 🙂